Our campus works under a sustainable green campus policy which emphasizes on environmental protection and development.


Green Belt :
- Our 100 acre campus Boasts of 30 acres of green belt.
- There are more than 2000 trees along with shrubs and grasslands.
- All available spaces in the campus are converted into green pockets.
- Trees are planted along all the roads and the periphery of the campus.

Energy Management:
- The campus generates 500 KW power through its roof top solar plant.
- The average annual Carbon-dioxide curtailed is about 1455 tonnes.
- Effective energy conservation audits are being held around the campus.
- Efficient energy consumption is done by switching to LED lamps in the campus.

Water Recycling:
- 100% Monitored water consumption from inlet to outlet.
- 100% roof rain water harvesting is done.
- Total surface run-off has been designed with filtered percolation pits all around the campus.
- The campus has 5 percolation pits which recharges the water table level.
- Bio-toilet technology is being initiated by installing bio-digestors around the campus.

Sewage Treatment plant:
- 100% sewage and effluents are treated in a in house Sewage/Effluent treatment plant.
- About 15 Lakh litres of water is being treated and recycled every day.
- Sewage treatment plant and Effluent treatment plant has a capacity of 400 KLD and 100 KLD respectively.
- The treated water is reused solely for the green belt development in the campus.

Solid Waste Management:
- All our solid wastes are segregated into hazardous waste, e-waste and bio-medical wastes in a secluded area.
- All the bio-degradable wastes generated are composted and re-used as manure in our campus.
- All Non bio-degradable wastes are disposed through authorized recycling agencies.
- All bio-medical wastes are collected and disposed to the TNPCB authorized recycling agency.

Eco-Friendly Buildings:
- The buildings are being built under the norms of GRIHA (Green Rating for Integrated Habitat Assessment).
- All the buildings are being built to reduce energy consumption.

Paper Recycling:
- 100% Paper recycling policy is being maintained in the campus.
- All are educated to use limited paper in the campus.

Other Salient features:
- The campus is a No smoking zone.
- The campus is free of Noise.
- All vehicles in campus must hold a Pollution Control Certificate.
- All employees are mandated to be trained in handling waste management and energy conservation.

Awareness/Sensitization Programs:
- Students club in the name of PSG-Eco club was started in the year 2013.
- Conducts Regular Tree plantation ceremonies on all important occasions in the campus.
- Encourage students to participate in all public awareness programs with Non government organisations.
- Our Students participate in all environmental conservation activities in the city like lake de-silting programs.

- Green hospital award for the year 2015 by The Association of Health Providers India.

Environmental Clearance certification by The State level Environment Impact Assessment Authority, Tamilnadu.

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