Central Sterile Supply


The Central Sterile Supply Department of PSG Hospitals processes, sterilises and distributes medical supplies and equipment to all departments, including wards, outpatient clinics, operation theatres, haemodialysis centre and other special units.

The department is headed by a Microbiologist and is manned by a team consisting of a Supervisor, trained staff, technicians, nursing assistants and attenders. It has state-of-the-art systems such as three double-door autoclave machines with capacities of 800 litres and 1,040 litres, three speed autoclaves with a capacity of 50 litres, an ethylene oxide steriliser and an ultrasonic washer to sterilise equipment and supplies. The unit has plans to install a plasma steriliser and a washer disinfector.

Stringent checks are done by the department on all supplies using chemical and biological indicators to ensure that they are sterile. Dr M. Dheepa is the person in charge of the unit.

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