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Diets, like clothes, should be tailored to you.

PSG Hospitals hasn’t hesitated to recognise the vital role of such a department. It has set up a multi-faceted Dietary Department that offers therapeutic diets prescribed by the physicians of the hospital. It also conducts diet clinics, organises diet camps and offers individual and family diet counselling by a dedicated team of registered dieticians. The supportive staff and sanitary team ably assist to ensure that dietary services provided are of the highest quality.

Such is the magnitude of importance given to the Dietary Department that all inpatients have to undergo a screening by qualified dieticians who assess the nutritional risk based on metabolic as well as anthropometric data, or data related to measurements of the human body and variables that impact these measurements. Medical nutrition therapy is offered to all inpatients of PSG Hospitals and each patient is attended to by a dietician from the department, which is certified by the Food Safety and Standards Act of 2006.

A wide choice of food is on offer for inpatients and special meals are also offered to patients depending on their disease conditions. The preparation of food is done in hygienic conditions by trained cooks. Qualified and highly experienced dieticians and catering supervisors review the preparation of food.

The department also has a critical care service. The critical care dietician assesses and prescribes nutritional inputs to all patients admitted to critical care units. Special tube feeds are formulated when necessary. The Dietary Department of PSG Hospitals can proudly claim to be the only department that is recognised by the Indian Diatetic Association to conduct Registered Dietician internship. This is a programme by which undergraduates and postgraduates in nutrition are offered six month internships. It is also the only hospital in Coimbatore that has five registered dieticians. Registered dieticians are basically qualified food and nutrition experts.

The department is also actively involved in hosting exhibitions, mainly in and around Coimbatore, with a view to promote a safe dietary regime among the public. It attends camps organised by PSG Hospitals that involve specific groups like diabetic and obese patients as well as those with high blood pressure. It’s academic activities include participation in guest lectures by its faculty in the numerous industrial units located in the city apart from assisting industrial units and educational institutions to conduct workshops on diet and nutrition for employees as well as their kith and kin.

In Patient Dietary Services

  • All in-patients are screened for nutritional risk by qualified dietitians based on metabolic, anthropometric and biochemical data and provided with Nutritional Care
  • Individualized nutritional care is provided to all in-patients with a dietitian attending to each one of them
  • The patients are offered a wide choice of food items based on the nutritional requirements. All efforts would be made to provide special meals catering to the patients in accordance with their disease condition
  • Educational material, nutritional assistance / diet counseling are provided for various medical conditions like diabetes mellitus, renal disorders, gastrointestinal disorders, enteral feeding etc.

Critical Care Service

The Critical Care Dietitian will assess and provide nutritional input to all patients admitted in critical care units and review these patients on a regular basis to obtain better outcome and speedy recovery. Continuous Ryles Tube feeding is initiated for critical care patients on Enteral Nutrition under supervision of the Dietitian.

Outpatient Service

Every individual needs to plan a diet to suit their life style, society and health conditions to lead a healthy life. If a diet plan has not been made so far, please feel free to contact our dietitians at the diet clinic. The dietitians in this clinic not only plan diets specific for your needs but will also give education on healthy eating habits and foods to be avoided.

Individual outpatient diet counseling is done at the outpatient diet clinic for those

  • who are referred by their doctor
  • who are conscious about their diet and health
  • who are on special feeding regimen like tube feeding

Diet counseling is given to individuals for weight management, eating disorders, diabetes mellitus, cardiovascular diseases, kidney disorders etc

OPD Timings – 10.30 am – 1.00 pm & 2.30 pm – 6.00 pm

Academic Activities

PSG Hospitals Dietary Department is the only department in Coimbatore recognized by Indian Dietetic Association (IDA) to conduct RD Six Months Internship for Under Graduates and Post Graduates in Nutrition. Only hospital in the city to have Six Registered Dietitians (RD)

  • The students will be trained under the supervision of Registered Dietitians.
  • Schedule : 1st January – 30th June, 1st July – 31st December every year

We also provide Dietetic Internship for UG/PG Nutrition & Dietetics students from various colleges.


Completed Projects

  • Assessment of the influence of dietary pattern on Acute Coronary Syndrome
  • The Effect of Diet in Precipitation of Cardiac Failure
  • Assessment of pre and post operative nutritional status of CABG patients
  • Assessment of nutritional status of the patient attending master health checkup
  • Assessment of the nutritional awareness, nutritional status of women in early stages (1-3 months) of pregnancy and giving individualized counseling
  • Assessment of the nutritional status of elders (60 years and above)
  • Formulation, standardization of high protein soy blend and to assess its acceptability by giving it to tuberculosis patients.
  • Assessment of the nutritional status and nutritional awareness of the nurses.
  • Assessment of nutritional awareness and nutritional status of lactating mother’s including educating them on healthy eating practices.
  • Assessment of nutritional status and food behaviors of psychiatry patients

On Going Projects

  • Mrs.V.Kavitha, Senior Dietitian (2012) – Diabetes In India– Nutrition Guidelines Study (DINGS)
  • Ms.Thenmozhi, RD Intern (2012) – Assessment of protein energy malnutrition and clinical micro nutrient deficiencies among the children between the age group of 2–6 years in tribal villages
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