Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation



This speciality branch deals with the process of improving the functional abilities of patients with physical disabilities, injuries etc. The birth of PSG Hospitals’ Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation can be traced to a notification issued by the Medical Council of India. Through this medical education related amendment, notified in 2008, the MCI introduced postings in the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PMR) for medical interns for a period of seven days. In 2009 PSG Hospitals established the Department of PMR. The physiotherapy services were then merged with the functionalities of the PMR Department.

The present Head of the Department, Dr V. Ramamoorthy, has been its HOD since its inception. The department is also the teaching affiliate of the PSG Institute of Medical Sciences & Research and the PSG College of Physiotherapy, thereby ensuring skill component training for budding doctors and physiotherapists. Within a short span of time, the department has started offering a slew of vital services including pain & rehabilitation clinic, inpatient care, physiotherapy, artificial limb centre, and counselling about physical activities needed for diabetic patients.

Four speciality clinics have also been set up including posttrauma rehabilitation and diabetic foot care. The diabetic foot care clinic, started in 2010, follows the guidelines of American Diabetes Association, a US-based organisation spearheading dissemination of information regarding the disease for the benefit of diabetics. Accordingly, all the diabetics admitted to PSG Hospitals undergo foot evaluation. Total contact cast application is also done to offload ulcer and enhance wound healing. The department also follows the protocol approach with the primary aim of focusing on pain management in coordination with other departments and speciality units of the hospital.

The department has also plans to offer an MD course in physical medicine and rehabilitation. The establishment of a stroke rehabilitation centre and preventive cardiology clinic is also part of its grand designs.

The PMR department has following divisions:

  • Physiotherapy division
  • Occupational therapy division
  • Prosthetic and Orthotic Centre
  • Diabetic Foot care Centre
  • Fitness Centre


In this division, the patients are treated with pain relieving electrotherapy modalities and therapeutic exercises. Pain relief and achieving mobility are the primary goals. A recent trend in physical therapy emphasizes the effectiveness of engaging in goal-directed activities. A team of physiotherapists teach antenatal exercises, post natal exercises and use vaginal cones to strengthen pelvic floor muscles to correct stress incontinence. TENS is used for painless vaginal delivery.

Occupational therapy

In this division, the patients relearn skills needed for performing self-directed activities (also called occupations) such as personal grooming, preparing meals and house cleaning. Occupational therapists also help people make changes in their homes to increase safety, remove barriers and facilitate physical functioning, such as installing grab bars in bathrooms.

Prosthetic & Orthotic Center

This centre fabricates all kinds of hand splints, lower limb orthoses, walkers and spinal orthoses. We also make exoskeletal and endoskeletal prostheses. Special foot wears – Clogs and Bohler iron orthoses are also made which help to relieve pressure over the diabetic ulcer area to speed-up ulcer healing.

Diabetic Foot Care Centre

It is a special clinic run by the PMR department. The diabetics undergo comprehensive foot care examination in this centre. The idea is to identify vasculopathy and neuropathy in the earlier stage itself and prevent the development of foot ulcer and thereby preventing limb loss. The patients are taught how to take of their feet. This centre has Vascular Doppler and Neuropathy Analyser and Podia scan.

Fitness Center

A state of the art gymnasium is functioning in the hospital. The working hours are between 5- 8 AM and between 5 – 9 PM. All the staffs and students are eligible to become a member of this fitness centre. Cardiac fitness and strengthening exercises are taught by the qualified instructors.

Senior Physiotherapists

Occupational therapist
Ms.S.Vishnu Priya

Fitness Centre In-charge

Prosthetic & Orthotic Centre
Mr.Job Daniel

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