The Prime objective of the Central Library is to provide a wide range of current, accurate and authoritative information from a vast selection of print and electronic resources to foster scholarly education, research and informational needs of the user.   Continue reading

Library Resources

PSG IMS & R Central Library mainly committed to provide physical as well as virtual access to books, journals and other materials to the Students and Faculty. The collection of Central Library in the area of Health and Other Allied Health Sciences is very   Continue reading

Library Automation

The house keeping operations of the Central library is fully automated with in-house LIS software with Barcode applications. All the holdings of the library have been digitised and users can search the library database by using   Continue reading

Library Membership

Students & Faculty Students / Faculty joining PSG Institute of Medical Sciences and Research are directly enrolled as member of PSG IMS&R library during the study/ work period. The following is the book borrowing eligibility of the students & faculty.   Continue reading

Library Services

PSG IMS & R library offers services such as Circulation Service References Services Reprographic Services Users Guiding Services (Orientation to fresher) Display of New Arrivals Document Delivery Service /   Continue reading

Digital Library

INTERNET ACCESS: 4 Mbps Broad Band Internet connections are provided for enhancing classroom study and for access to the electronic resources. 44 computer systems are available in the digital library to access internet. Internet will be available to the   Continue reading

General Rules

No Person shall be admitted into the library unless clean and properly dressed. They should observe the regulations concerning the dress and general rules of good behavior as set forth by college norms Readers desiring to the use the library shall enter /   Continue reading

Library Staff Details

S.No Name of the Staff Qualification Designation 1. Mahendran. J M.A, M.L.I.Sc, PGDADM Sr. Librarian 2. Sudhagar. R B.Com, M.L.I.S Asst. Librarian 3.   Continue reading

Library Timings

Main Library on all working days : 8 a.m to 9 p.m Own Book Reading Hall : 8 a.m to 12 Midnight Library Book Lending Timings On all institutional working days : 9 a.m to 7 p.m On all Sundays and Institutional holidays : 9 a.m to 5   Continue reading

Useful Links

Encyclopedias Dictionaries Search Engines Britannica Wikipedia InfoPlease Answers MathWorld Tech Encyclopedia Encylopedia Dictionary Cambridge Dictionary Merriam-Webster Google   Continue reading